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        Add: Unit 04/05 Floor 6th No.1018 Rd. South Moyu Anting Town Jiading District, Shanghai,China

        Tel: 021 3950 0212
        Fax: 021 3950 0211
        Post Code: 201805
        Email: scb@ylsysh.com


        Briefing about Yanlong

        Shanghai Yanlong Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise special for design and manufacturing dies, gauges and fixtures for inner and outer panels of car body as well as for manufacturing press parts and sub-assembly car body.  Estabished in Aug. 2009, the headquarter of Yanlong is located in Unit 04/05, 6/F, No. 1018 South Moyu Rd., Anting, District Jiading in Shanghai. Yanlong has 4 filiales: Chengdu Jiarun Components of Automobiles Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hyrun Auto Body Die Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wanrun Components of Automobiles Co., Ltd, and Chengdu Shirun Components of Automobiles Co., Ltd. According to the concept of a Chinese word “Jia He Wan Shi Xin” with the meaning Family in Harmony bring everything prosperous, the fifth filiale “Xin”run will be built till 2020 to fulfill the target of Yanlong.


        Add: Room 405,No.5666 Caoan Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,Shanghai
        Tel: 021 3950 0212   Fax: 021 3950 0211   Post Code: 201805   Email: scb@ylsysh.com