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        Shanghai Yan Long Badminton Association was founded

           August 1 Yan Long Badminton Association was formally established, adhering to the "solidarity, accompanied by movement," the formation of the purpose, the Badminton Association has been set up in response to movement of love in the company of many colleagues. We actively apply, it was first established more than 10 people applied. At the same time we actively purchase the relevant professional equipment: badminton, badminton, sports jerseys, sports shoes, sports kneepad and so on. Mustering the strength to wait for the court sweat.
          The first event, we are looking forward, what classes, the president set a good venue, we arrived at the organization Boyuan badminton hall. The presence on the ground, we enjoy the sweat, the release of passion, laughter, throw the troubles at work, the life of the helpless, at the moment on the court we have our own team, their opponents, have our own tactics.
          Unconsciously two hours have passed, out of the stadium at the moment lunged breeze, lips that touch everyone radian is the best interpretation, there is toughness towards work, have to comprehend the meaning of life, as well as ...
          Badminton Association wish better and better, but also hope that more and more colleagues to join badminton association.


        Add: Room 405,No.5666 Caoan Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,Shanghai
        Tel: 021 3950 0212   Fax: 021 3950 0211   Post Code: 201805   Email: scb@ylsysh.com