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        Shanghai Yan Long Industrial Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2015 Outstanding cooperation Shanghai Automotive Supplier

            Recently, SAIC Shanghai Yan Long is rated as the year 2015 "excellent partner suppliers." Become the Shanghai Automotive rear fender professional mold manufacturer with Shanghai Automotive has established close strategi ccooperative partnership .

          SAIC has many suppliers, which requires suppliers to product quality, reliability, availability and security, timely service. As SAIC automotive body mold supplier, Shanghai Yan Long with high customer satisfaction, product qualification rate and other advantages apart from other suppliers. SAIC to become an excellent supplier, but also reflects the company's good corporate image and production strength. SAIC, as the domestic auto industry's leading enterprises, stable relations of cooperation with them will quickly lead the company into the first domestic automobile enterprises supply chain. Meanwhile, the company adopted a strict certification SAIC mold supplier, you can get a wide range of its technical support, training, etc. in. Future, the company may also aid SAIC's influence quickly enter the supply chain of international auto giants, and in the process of cooperation, constantly absorbing its advanced production and management experience, and promote long-term development of the company.



        Add: Room 405,No.5666 Caoan Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,Shanghai
        Tel: 021 3950 0212   Fax: 021 3950 0211   Post Code: 201805   Email: scb@ylsysh.com