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        Together, "sugar baby" forest Quest

             November 13, 2016 is a good autumn season, the sun warm, sunny weather, we also with a thick warmth, with the "m public" activities of love and support, and "Kunshan City, Lucheng environmental volunteer service Community "together a group of special children -" sugar baby "into the forest together to explore the forest.
            My company's Wang, Zhao, Yu total and other leaders took part in the event, they lead the child to contact with nature, feel the natural, teach children to learn to use natural conditions, develop children's perception, identification and thinking ability, let the children experience To the natural environment of the great appeal, know how to respect for life, respect for themselves, so that children informed of the understanding of nature, to correctly realize that he is also a part of nature, and normal children should also love And healthy and happy growth of the sun.
            Although the activities of only half a day's time, but we have and these lovely children to establish a deep emotion, when everyone is looking forward to reunion, but also deeply feel support for public welfare activities Is our responsibility to the community, as long as we all work together will create a better society.




        Add: Room 405,No.5666 Caoan Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,Shanghai
        Tel: 021 3950 0212   Fax: 021 3950 0211   Post Code: 201805   Email: scb@ylsysh.com