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        Shanghai Yanlong held SATIC Volkswagen SK326 / 0CS_KL side of the mold project shipment ceremony

           March 15, I Division in Jiangsu He Run car body mold Co., Ltd. workshop held "SAIC public SK3216 / 0CS_KL side of the mold project" shipping ceremony, I should be Secretary Xu Yanlong, Wang Shuangpeng, general manager of the invitation, SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. Senior Director Cheng Ying Chao, Senior Manager Tong Yaping, Manager Guan Huajun and other leaders attended the event.

           Cheng Shengchao Senior Director at the ceremony on behalf of SAIC Volkswagen on the Shanghai Yan Long Industrial Co., Ltd. manufacturing SK3216 / 0CS_KL side of the success of the mold to express my heartfelt congratulations, he said that with the Secretary to establish the side of the fender, fender and other main outer plate Of the mold manufacturing strategic partnership, he also encouraged my company to continue to make progress, continue to take the professional, refined and branded development path.

           Subsequently, Chairman Xu Yanlong on behalf of the Division I first to SAIC public support and help expressed my heartfelt thanks, and he pointed out that today's SK326 side of the mold is the development of Yanlong milestone in the development process, not only means that the mold manufacturing level On a new level, while marking the production of Yanlong side of the mold production capacity has been fully formed, will usher in a new round of opportunities and challenges. In the end, Xu Dong Li Yanlong employees in the harvest of a little success at the same time also clearly aware of their own shortcomings and problems, should be oriented to the world's vision, promote mold technology innovation, enhance core competitiveness, expand the international market, and constantly improve And beyond the self.

           On the delivery ceremony, Wang Shuangpeng, general manager of Jiangsu Hefeng Automobile Body Mold Co., Ltd., expressed his heartfelt thanks and respect for the work done by the team in the SK3216 / 0CS_KL side mold project, and presented the outstanding employees to the outstanding employees "Commend the certificate.





        Add: Room 405,No.5666 Caoan Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,Shanghai
        Tel: 021 3950 0212   Fax: 021 3950 0211   Post Code: 201805   Email: scb@ylsysh.com