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        Chengdu World Run Auto Parts Co., Ltd.  

        Chengdu Shirun Components of Automobiles Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Sept. 2017 in Chengdu Economic and Technical Development Zone in Longquanyi/Chengdu.Depending on advanced and mature hot forming stamping technology, all the car body parts with high strength and light weight such as pillars, thresholds, carlings, bumper frames etc. can be produced automatically by Chengdu Shirun Components of Automobiles Co., Ltd..  It is planned to install hot forming production line, robot welding unit, 3D 5-axis high speed laser cutting machine with international standard for a capacity of 18 M pieces and estimated annual output value of about 700 M RMB.  The company has already good cooperation with most main local car manufacturers and become the first-class supplier for FAW VW, in the meanwhile also produced for well-known carmakers like DCPA, VOLVO, Geely etc..

        Under the culture of “Jia He Wan Shi Xin” (Family in Harmony bring everything prosperous), the company is striving for a first-class hot forming enterprise.





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